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Bridging gaps in wellness and spirituality: Cultivating diversity, fostering inclusion.


Poderosa Movement 501-c3 Nonprofit

Our Roots

At Poderosa Movement, we are a nonprofit located in San Diego California. Our mission extends beyond merely alleviating financial challenges for BIPOC women. We're dedicated to reshaping the spiritual, health, and wellness sectors, infusing them with the essential diversity and inclusion they have long lacked. With a deep commitment to bridging the representation gap, we're creating spaces where the voices, experiences, and expertise of BIPOC women don't just find a place—they lead. Rooted in values of inclusivity, respect, unity, and more, we're not just changing the narrative; we're forging a new path for the entire wellness and spiritual community.


Empower, Diversify, Transform: Your donation fuels a brighter, more inclusive future in health, wellness, and spirituality. Join us in making a difference for BIPOC women everywhere.

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Inclusion: Fuel Our Growth

Make a Community Impact

Your generous donation is more than just a monetary contribution. It's a pledge to strengthen our foundation, expand our outreach, and fortify our initiatives. By investing in our growth, you're enabling us to reach more BIPOC women, providing them with the resources they need to thrive in the spiritual and wellness professions.

While our vision spans far and wide, our roots remain in the community. Your donation aids in creating local scholarships, workshops, and support networks that benefit not only BIPOC women but also ripple positively throughout the community. As we grow, the impact on our local community intensifies, bringing us closer to a future where everyone, everywhere, feels the embrace of holistic health and spiritual growth.


Enrich Our Local Community

Reinforcing our Commitment


Support Bipoc Women Directly

Unity. Growth. Transformation.

Each donation actively contributes to creating scholarships and grants for BIPOC women. This empowers them to access spiritual services, partake in enlightening workshops and retreats, and in the long run, achieve certifications as holistic professionals—be it as yoga teachers, reiki healers, wellness coaches, and more. Furthermore, your support doesn't stop at the individual. By channeling our scholarship funds, we directly support local healers and wellness businesses, fostering a mutually beneficial ecosystem of growth and empowerment.


“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Martin Luther


(619) 623-4653

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